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Enjoy the Canadian lifestyle by staying with a Canadian family.Homestay is a fun, safe and affordable way to live in Vancouver while you attend school.
A host family provides an international student with a furnished bedroom and three meals per day. In return, the student is expected to integrate with the family and gain the wonderful opportunity to learn about Canadian culture from the inside of a comfortable home, and to practice and improve his English language skills. Many students become close friends with their host families and stay in contact after the end of the homestay.
Students should also understand that homestay families, especially in Vancouver, reflect the country’s diverse multi-cultural background. In the rare case of a cultural or personal difficulty or misunderstanding, students do not have to cope with it alone. A Homestay Coordinator is always available to help a student deal with any problems that they might have in their new home.

To participate in our homestay program, students should inform the school at least two weeks in advance. The placement procedure follows these 3 steps:

Once the student receives the student visa, he/she needs to contact school immediately and submit the following documents.
  • Homestay Application Form
  • Homestay Application Fee of $400
  • First month homestay fee (the fee varies from $1500 to $1600 per month, depending on the location)

The school will arrange the homestay and will email information about the homestay family to the student.

If the student requests for an airport pickup, the host family will meet the student at the airport before going to their new home.