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Wilf Lim

B.Ed. (SFU); B. A. (Archaeology, SFU)

Teaching Qualifications: Archaeology, Art History, History and English

I was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. and have lived here all my life. I am a proud Chinese-Canadian, who grew up in Chinatown’s Strathcona neighbourhood. My main interests are in archaeology and world history. I am a fully accredited BC teacher who has Bachelor’s degrees in both Archaeology and in Education from Simon Fraser University. My career experiences, as an educator, have lead me to working in many local museums and in the public schools system (Coquitlam) with approximately 10 years’ experience in each field. I have taught from every grade from Grade 3 to 12. I enjoy teaching children on a smaller scale to provide a more personalized approach to their learning and learning

My professional goal is to provide positive and fulfilling experiences for all of my students. I actively create a fun, safe, and open environment for my students to learn in. I attempt to answer the why questions that many of my students have. I am a kind and understanding teacher who has high expectations and standards for all of my students. I believe that critical thinking, analysis, and meta-cognition are skills that will provide a strong toolkit for my students’ ambitions and success. I wish for my students to be academically ready for post-secondary education. I wish to teach and lead them towards understanding the standards and expectations they will face in the future for school and in life.