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Quincy Dai

Sci Ed (UBC) Post-Doc (UBC)

Areas of Expertise: General Science, Chemistry, and biology

“I have ten years teaching experience in general science, chemistry, and biology in BC certified offshore schools in China. I served for three years as a Vice-Principal and two years as a BC Representative of a BC certified offshore school. Outside of teaching, I held a three year post-doc fellowship at UBC where I also served two years as a research scientist. I received a Permanent Professional Teacher Certification (K-12) from the BC Ministry of Education and have a strong understanding of the culture and education systems of Canada and China.”

“I know and understand students: how they develop and how they learn. A teacher’s responsibility as an educator is to be an effective diagnostician of students’ interests, abilities, and prior knowledge. The teacher should use his knowledge to expose his students to modes of critical thinking which can encourage the students to analyze, apply, synthesize, and evaluate all they have deserved and obtained in classroom settings and through project learning.”