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Laura Galiyeva


B.A. – International Relations (UBC) & B.Ed. – History and Social Studies: (UBC)

I am a dedicated, hardworking, and dynamic teacher with experience in secondary school classrooms specializing in IBDP and BC Curricula, Social Studies, History, and Geography. Having taught at Richmond Secondary School during my practicum and at Khalsa Secondary School afterwards, I understand the necessity of relationship building, classroom differentiation, and a combination of FPPL, IB and BC Curricula.

I believe that secondary school provides students with the most crucial knowledge and skills that prepare them to become responsible and global citizens. Therefore, I decided to become a high school teacher. I also believe that a high school is a place of self-growth for both students and teachers because they can look at challenging aspects of current events, including exciting topics such as social justice, ethics, and dilemmas. The fact that the secondary school Social Studies curriculum allows teachers to explore global and local issues daily from multiple historical benchmarks inspires me to stay as a high school teacher. I strive to help students broaden their world perspectives, develop historical thinking, understand, interpret, analyze historical evidence, and identify social changes and continuities while constantly seeking truth.

As an IB educator, I value and work on creating a diverse and inclusive learning community that supports students’ individuality and differences. Following both IB and BC curricula, I also constantly encourage students to be lifelong learners, continuously develop their critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills, and be open-minded, principled, caring and reflective thinkers. I also encourage students to take risks, inquire and promote sustainability around themselves to make sure we all live and contribute to the betterment of our world.

I welcome all students into my classroom and wish them a successful educational journey. Study hard, work hard and stay connected!