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COVID-19 Announcement


Dear Columbia Academy community members,

Our school has taken a number of steps to support the continued health and wellbeing of our staff and students. To this end, our school began online course instruction on March 8th, and expanded this to include synchronous online instruction on March 16th. Beginning March 18th, access to our physical school facility is no longer available so as to ensure the safety of school staff.

Students are reminded that all of the school’s expectations continue to apply in the online learning environment. Attendance and homework is still required, and poor performance in these areas will result in the usual consequences up to and including expulsion. To ensure students are successful in this environment, school staff are available by email at all times during the school day to assist students with any technical difficulties. Courses will remain online until the regularly scheduled end of term.

As we move forward in these exceptional times, please continue good health and hygiene practices. This includes avoiding all unnecessary travel; washing hands often for at least 20 seconds; covering all coughs and sneezes; wearing a mask, especially if you are ill or staying with anyone who exhibits symptoms; and safely disposing of used masks and tissues. It is also important to ensure good habits of sleeping, eating, and exercise to support your health overall. If you believe you may be ill, the BC Ministry of Health has created the following tool to help with your own self-diagnosis:

All school staff are currently advised to work from home until further notice. Please continue to monitor your school Alma and email accounts for additional information as it becomes available. Thank you for supporting these actions as we act to prevent further spread of COVID-19.



Mr. Ryan Premack


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