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Language Proficiency Program

Language Proficiency Program

Columbia Academy has designed English Language Learning (ELL) courses specifically for students whose English is not yet fluent enough to do well in the BC English Language Arts classes. These courses are “English Language Learning- Speaking and Listening” and “English Language Learning- Reading and Writing.” Both courses come in two levels of difficulty, from early intermediate to advanced.

Together, these unique courses give students a firm grasp of grammar, a useful vocabulary, and experience in listening, reading, writing, and speaking that will prepare them to take the required BC Ministry of Education English Language Arts courses.

ELL2 – Speaking and Listening

This course focuses on building the student’s ability and confidence in conversational English. It incorporates many techniques including peer dialogue, class discussion, film, and dramatic readings. It develops students’ abilities to make presentations, both improvised and prepared, and both with and without props. Authentic listening material will be given for practice in developing listening comprehension skills

ELL3 – Speaking and Listening

This courses further develops presentation skills. It adds acting in short role-playing skits written by the students. More difficult listening sources including interviews, news reports and recordings of conversations will be used. Listening comprehension, as well as verbal production with accurate pronunciation and intonation, is a goal in this course.

ELL2 – Reading and Writing

This course introduces students to a variety of readings. Students will be expected to write answers to reading comprehension questions. The student will learn how to structure essays with well-formed paragraphs. The grammar covered in this course will include proper usage of verbs and nouns.

ELL3 – Reading and Writing

This course introduces more advanced readings including textbook articles and novels. Short answers must be given to reading comprehension questions. The students will gain mastery in structuring essays and gain understanding of how to write each component of a well-written essay. Grammar topics in this course will include participle phrases, clauses and transition words.

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