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Graduation Program (Grade 10 -12)

Graduation Program (Grade 10 -12)
  • Graduation requirements are determined by the BC Ministry of Education. For more information, please visit BC Education.
  • Students are required to complete 20 courses (80 credits) to graduate and receive the BC Dogwood Diploma.
  • Out of 20 courses (80 credits), there should be at least 4 courses (16 credits) at Grade 12 level, including a Grade 12 Language Art course.
  • The list below shows some of the courses offered by Columbia Academy during a school semester. Students need 13 required courses and 7 elective courses in order to graduate. Students aiming for top universities might require additional courses.
  • Career Life Education
  • Language Arts 10
  • Math 10
  • Social Studies 10
  • Science 10
  • Physical and Health Education 10
  • Language Arts 11
  • Science 11/12
  • English studies 12 or English First People 12
  • Arts and Applied Skill 10/11/12
  • Career Life Connections
Pre-Calculus 12
Calculus 12
Second Language 11/12
Happiness 12
Economics 12
Geography 12
Chemistry 11/12
Biology 12
Marketing 11
History 12
Physics 11/12
AP Statistics
AP History
AP Microeconomics
AP Macroeconomics
AP Physics
AP Psychology
AP Calculus
Students must also take two provincial examinations before graduation. The two exams are the Grade 10 Numeracy Assessment and the Grade 10 Graduation Literacy Assessment. The ministry will also introduce a third assessment, the Grade 12 Graduation Literacy Assessment, in 2020/2021.
Columbia Academy is fully certified and fully bonded with the BC Ministry of Education, students will receive the BC Dogwood Diploma upon graduation from our high school program.
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Our school has taken a number of steps to support the continued health and wellbeing of our staff and students. To this end, our school began online course instruction on March 8th, and expanded this to include synchronous online instruction on March 16th. Beginning March 18th, access to our physical school facility is no longer available so as to ensure the safety of school staff.

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