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Elementary School ( K-7)

Columbia Academy was established in 2014 and offers a Grade 8-12 high school program accredited by the BC Ministry of Education. We are an academic-driven school with extra attention given to volunteering, clubs, and competitions.

In the past, 100% of our students have been accepted by universities, and 90% have been accepted by the top 50 universities worldwide. We are also an AP school and official AP testing center.

Starting September 2023, We are expanding to include an elementary school program. Our aim is to provide an immersive and engaging learning experience that prepares students for future success. Enabling a stronger and earlier start for our students will better equip them to achieve higher and more ambitious goals

  • Strong focus on Math and English: Building a strong foundation in core subjects.
  • Early second language learning: French and Mandarin language courses from Kindergarten, promoting language skills and cultural understanding.
  • IB Element for K-7 program: Preparing students for global education.
  • Social responsibility: Engaging in volunteering and fundraising activities to nurture empathy and community engagement.
  • Professional sports coaching: Enhancing athleticism, teamwork, and sportsmanship.
  • Convenient Before and After School Programs: Designed to meet the needs of working parents.
  • Enriched After School Program: Explore art, martial arts, meditation, dance, sports, and guest speakers.
  • Experienced, licensed teachers: Personalized attention with small class sizes.
  • Path to Top Universities: Equipping students for admission to the world’s top 10 universities.
  • Competitive tuition fees: Offering affordability without compromising quality.

Columbia Academy takes great pride in our student-centered approach, where we place a strong emphasis on recognizing and nurturing the unique strengths and interests of each child when designing our curriculum. As the foundation of our educational framework, we adhere to the BC K-7 curriculum and guidelines.

However, we go above and beyond by incorporating additional subject areas such as Art, Music, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), sports, and Second Language studies in French and Chinese. This holistic approach to education allows us to provide a well-rounded learning experience that enriches the lives of our students.

Our teaching staff consists of passionate and experienced BC-licensed teachers. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom, ensuring that our students receive the highest quality education. Our teachers are dedicated to creating a supportive and engaging learning environment that empowers students to unlock their full potential.

At our elementary school, we are committed to instilling values of kindness, peace, and compassion towards the world.

We believe that by encouraging our students to develop these qualities, they will not only become better learners but also better citizens. Our holistic approach to education ensures that students are well-prepared not just for the academic rigors of high school but also for life beyond the classroom.

By enrolling in our elementary school, students will benefit from a comprehensive education that will lay the foundation for academic and personal excellence. We are excited to welcome students and families to our community and to continue the legacy of providing exceptional education that prepares students for the world’s top universities.

Why attend Elementary School at Columbia Academy?

  • Academic excellence: With a 100% university acceptance rate for our high school graduates and a 90% acceptance rate into the top 50 universities worldwide, we are committed to preparing our students for success. Our new elementary school program ensures that we can provide an even stronger foundation for academic excellence.
  • Student-centered school: Columbia Academy is a student-centered school that provides individualized support and attention to students
  • Special programs: It includes French and Mandarin language classes, as well as a STEM program for hands-on learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
  • Small class: Our small class sizes and multicultural learning environment foster personalized attention and diverse perspectives for our student.
  • Extracurricular: Our extracurricular activities in music, dance, visual arts, and sports provide students with opportunities to explore their interests, develop new skills, and build friendships.
  • Before and after-school program: Our before and after-school program is designed to support working parents by providing a safe and nurturing environment for their children. Parents can leave their children with us before and after school, allowing them to focus on their careers while ensuring their child’s well-being.
  • Convenient location: Our campus, situated in downtown Vancouver, is just a few minutes away from multiple SkyTrain stations, providing easy access to the library, seawall, parks, playgrounds, and sports fields.
  • Our dedicated and compassionate teachers possess extensive experience and hold esteemed BC teacher licenses. They are committed to cultivating a nurturing learning environment that fosters the well-being and academic success of our students.


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