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The steps below show all the necessary requirements for application as an international student from the application form until the final arrival in Canada.

Submission of a Report Card or Official Transcript

Students must submit report cards or an official transcript spanning the last two years.

Students may be required to provide a recommendation letter from a teacher of principal.


The prospective student needs to attend an in-person interview with the admissions officer of Columbia Academy. International students will be required to have a video interview.

Applying as an International Student

International students shall send an application form along with a non-refundable application fee. The application form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian if the student is under 19. Additionally, a custodianship letter authenticated by a Canadian notary public is required.

Letter of Acceptance

After revision and approval of all the required documentation, the school will issue a letter of acceptance to qualified students.

Apply for Visa

The letter of acceptance along with all the required documentation should be sent to the Canadian Consulate of your country of residence in order to apply for the Study Permit.

Arriving in Canada

International students should arrive one week before the beginning of a new school semester. This will allow students to have sufficient time to purchase the school’s uniform, write the English Replacement exam, and get familiar with a new city and culture.

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