Here at Columbia Academy we strive to provide a school where holding a high standard in education is paired with both a healthy environment and an enthusiastic school community. It is with this foundation that we are able to help students enter into the top ranked universities in Canada.

Our mission is to have each and every student see the world full of opportunities and live a successful, happy life after being a part of Columbia Academy. This mission reflects our belief that academic success is not the only thing students should cultivate at school. By engaging students with our school values of communication, happiness, compassion, integrity, responsibility, and resilience, we hope to prepare them to be leaders of tomorrow who love to give back to the community around them.

Our school offers a wide range of professional services in order to aid students in the goal of reaching top universities. Our small classroom setting creates an atmosphere that fosters student learning, and our teachers, staff, counselors, and administrators are professionals committed to seeing students reach their desired path. Beyond in-school learning, we also provide students with a variety of volunteer opportunities that allow them to know more about the local culture of Vancouver. These elements, together with our unique individual course planning service, makes the dream of entering top universities a realistic goal for each student at Columbia Academy.

I extend my warmest welcome to you from all the staff of Columbia Academy. Our programs are designed to support individual learning styles and provide students with a rewarding educational experience. We are here to help enrich your learning experience, to provide you with a holistic education, and to support you in reaching all of your goals.


Ms. Laura Galiyeva, B.A. (UBC), B.Ed. (UBC)
Principal, Columbia Academy

Columbia Academy guides you towards self-discipline, dedication, and appreciation for life on your path to your dream university.