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Our Values

  • Communication

    To have the courage to communicate honestly, with and open heart, and willingly take suggestions and advice.

  • Happiness

    To stay positive and bring happiness to the people around ourselves.

  • Compassion

    To respect, care for, and help everyone to the best of abilities.
  • Integrity

    To be a well-developed person who chooses to do the right thing in their personal and professional lives.

  • Responsibility

    To be responsible for ourselves,others and for society in both our work and personal life.
  • Resilience

    To develop a high emotional intelligence and recover from bad experiences quickly; to stay passionate and stay positive throughout our lives.


Our school has taken a number of steps to support the continued health and wellbeing of our staff and students. To this end, our school began online course instruction on March 8th, and expanded this to include synchronous online instruction on March 16th. Beginning March 18th, access to our physical school facility is no longer available so as to ensure the safety of school staff.

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