Clubs & Activities

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Columbia Academy knows that some subjects will not be covered in the school curriculum, so it offers a variety of activities and clubs that offer fun and variety to academic life.

Activities are appropriate for the season. For example, in summer we hold a school barbeque in Stanley Park and volleyball on the beach; in winter, we organize a ski trip. At any time of year, teachers will take students on field trips to cultural events, the outstanding Vancouver Public Library's main branch, and so on. As the school is located in Vancouver, one of the world's most diverse and beautiful cities, there are many activities all year round.

The school encourages students to set up clubs that reflect the students' own interests, from programming to politics and from photography to fashion design. Such clubs provide an environment for people to socialize, work together, and learn more about their common interest.

In addition to the student-led clubs, there will be a number of clubs set up by the school. These could include a Toastmasters' Club, a Photoshop Club, a Meditation Club, a Science Club, and a Laughing Yoga Club, for instance. The clubs that are actually offered will depend on the level of interest and the number of registrants.

Every club will be led by an adult who is either a teacher or an approved external expert.

Clubs will normally meet after school or on the weekend.