Language Proficiency Program

Columbia Academy has designed English Language Learning (ELL) courses specifically for people whose English is not yet fluent enough for the student to do well in the BC English Language Arts classes. These courses are “Language Proficiency Speaking and Listening” and “Language Proficiency Grammar and Writing.” Both courses come in three levels of difficulty, from beginner to advanced.

Together, these unique courses give students a firm grasp of grammar, a useful vocabulary, and experience in listening and reading and writing and speaking that will prepare them to take the regular English Language Arts 10 and English Language Arts 11 courses.

LP1 - Speaking and Listening

Focuses on building the student’s ability and confidence in conversational English. It incorporates many techniques including peer dialogue, class discussion, film, and dramatic readings. Its grammar goals include the use of several tenses, subject-verb agreement, complex sentences, and paragraph correction.

LP2 - Speaking and Listening

Builds on the techniques in LPSL 1 but adds the ability to make presentations, both improvised and prepared, and both with and without props or digital media. Its grammar goals include the use of more varied sentences that contain appositives, relative clauses, prepositional phrases, and participial phrases.

LP3 - Speaking and Listening

Adds debate skills and acting in short plays, often written by the students, to the techniques in the previous courses. Clear, accurate, audible pronunciation with the proper pacing and stress is a goal in this course. The grammar goals include the use of rhetorical techniques such as rhetorical questions, anaphoras, and inversions.

LP1 - Grammar and Writing

Focuses on building the student’s speed and ability in understanding and creating written English. It will study works of both fiction and non-fiction, prose and poetry, that are selected to be interesting and appropriate for the student’s level. The grammar covered in this level includes the past progressive tense and the perfect tense as well as complex sentences. Note-taking and editing skills are introduced.

LP2 - Grammar and Writing

Introduces the student to a variety of writings. The student will be expected to write reactions to these writings, using simple literary terms relating to plot, character, setting, and imagery. The student learns how to structure essays with well-formed paragraphs. In addition to these short essays, the student will also write original short stories and poems. The grammar covered in this course will include less common tenses and more complex sentences that use appositives, relative clauses, prepositional phrases and participial phrases.

LP3 - Grammar and Writing

Courses complement the other two Grammar and Writing courses by teaching the use of transitions, patterns of argument, better diction, rhetorical devices and logical fallacies. Where possible, the students participate in debates, mock trials, and other competitions against students of other schools. The goal of the course is to make the student speak and write more confidently and persuasively in an exclusively English-speaking environment.