leaders of tomorrow scholarship

We offer two kinds of scholarship.

Full Scholarship

Columbia Academy gives a full scholarship, covering one hundred percent of tuition fees, to outstanding students so that they can receive their high school education in Canada. With a British Columbian diploma, high marks, and a good score on the SAT, these students have the opportunity to enter top universities in the world, such as Ivy League universities: Harvard, Princeton, and Yale.

We think that the world needs people with the intelligence, education, and ambition to solve its problems. If you are such a person, the lack of money should not stand in your way. Instead, you should apply for Columbia Academy's "Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship."

The following documents should accompany your application:

  1. academic reports for the last three years that show a grade average of at least 90%;
  2. IELTS test results of at least 6.5 in all bands;
  3. three reference letters from respected community leaders; and
  4. a personal statement that tells the Scholarship Committee why you deserve its support. The personal statement should reveal who you are as a person. What are your talents, your interests, and your dreams? What obstacles have you faced? What individuals have you helped? How have you helped your community? What will you contribute to Columbia Academy and its students?

The Scholarship Committee will review your application, but only the qualified applicants will receive an invitation to be interviewed. The interview will be conducted through an electronic device.

If you pass the interview, you will be awarded a scholarship of $7200 for the term, which will cover the full cost of your tuition . The school will issue you the scholarship certificate with the letter of acceptance. Please be aware that you will be responsible for applying for the student visa and any non-tuition expenses after arriving in Canada.

Once you have started school, you will receive some duties that will help other students and the teachers. To have the full scholarship renewed, you must maintain a average grade of at least 90% and pass the Scholarship Committee’s evaluation. You can continue renew the full scholarship till your graduation. The maximum value of the scholarship, maintained from grades 10 through 12, is $36,000.

If you do not maintain the required GPA or do not meet the Scholarship Committee’s standards in its evaluation, the scholarship amount may be reduced or the scholarship may be cancelled, a decision that depends on the individual circumstances.

Principal's Scholarship

Columbia Academy offers Principal Scholarship to the top 3 full time students every semester.

The students are required to meet the following minimum requirement to be eligible to apply:

  1. Average of all courses taken is over 90%.
  2. Actively involved in community work inside and outside of school.
  3. Have a positive and happy attitude towards life and others.
  4. Be a role model for all students at school and outside school.

* If you think you meet these requirements, please submit a letter which describes your achievements with two teacher's recommendation letters.

* The deadline to submit is one week before the new term starts.

* Principal's scholarship comes in 3 prizes in cash $1000, $800 and $500.

Application Forms