A Message from the Principal

Ryan Premack

Welcome to Columbia Academy where the standard of excellence in education, healthy learning and enthusiastic school community provides a successful foundation for entrance into top ranked Universities all over the world. Columbia Academy is the best choice for students who want to earn a Canadian High School Graduation Diploma in a three-semester time frame.

We are located in downtown Vancouver, a fabulous global city with various activities ranging from skiing on the close by mountains, hiking the surrounding natural trails of Stanley Park, trying out the various types of foods surrounding Columbia Academy and exploring the various facets of Gastown, Coal Harbour and the downtown Olympic Village.

We are a student-centered school and we are here to create a loving and caring learning environment for students from all over the world. We are here to help students enter the top universities; Our teachers, staff, counselors and administrators are professionals who are committed to understanding each student’s goals and with their rich experience help them achieve their future path.

Our programs are designed to support individual learning styles and provide students with a rewarding educational experience at Columbia Academy. Academic success is not the only thing that we care for, we want our students to be "Happy Students", who have a high level of mental intelligence, who can be the leaders of tomorrow, and who love to give back to the community and society around us.

Columbia Academy's mission is to provide a loving and caring learning environment for our students. Our students will not only learn academic skills, but will also develop key virtues such as compassion, integrity, resilience, happiness and responsibility during the time spent at Columbia Academy. Students will be inspired to become fine and happy people, and bring these values to their society. Our mission is to have each and every student see the world full of opportunities and live a successful and happy life after being a part of Columbia Academy.

I extend my warmest welcome from Columbia Academy, we are here to help you have an enriched learning experience, a multi sided knowledge and the success of reaching all your goals in the beautiful city Vancouver at Columbia Academy.


Ryan Premack , B.Ed. (UBC), B.Mus. (Brandon University)
Principal, Columbia Academy