Our Mission Statement

The Mission of Columbia Academy is to provide a loving and caring learning environment for our students. This allows students to be educated and well prepared for life, with personal and academic goals set and reached during the time at Columbia Academy.

The School has its own Happiness Course, a BC certified course that is derived from a course offered by Harvard University. Columbia Academy also helps students to set up many clubs to help students to grow. For example, a teacher-led WeLove Club enables students to learn how to build and maintain healthy relationships with self and others. The school also has a student-led Helping Club which encourages students to do small acts of kindness to others. Furthermore, all students at Columbia Academy volunteer in this community. These acts of benevolence encourage students to better understand the world they live in by participating in their own community in a positive manner, and by giving back to the community at large.

Our students will not only learn academic skills, but will also develop key virtues such as happiness, compassion, integrity, resilience and responsibility during the time spent at Columbia Academy. Students will be inspired to become fine and happy people, and bring these values to their society. Our mission is to have each and every student see the world full of opportunities and live a successful and happy life after being a part of Columbia Academy. All students at Columbia Academy are always safe, respected and accepted in a healthy educational environment

Our Values


To have the courage to communicate, honestly communicate with and open heart, to willingly take suggestions and advice.


To stay positive and bring happiness to the people around ourselves.


To respect, care for, and help everyone to the best of abilities.


To be a well-developed person who chooses to do the right thing in their personal and professional lives.


To be responsible for ourselves,others and for society in both our work and personal life.


To develop a high emotional intelligence and recover from bad experiences quickly; to stay passionate and stay positive throughout our lives.