Come explore the thriving global community at Columbia Academy.

A balanced curriculum that integrates technology, the arts, athletics, service and leadership opportunities.

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Our Pursuit of Excellence & Diversity

In our community of students from various global backgrounds, we encourage our pupils to be tolerant and courageous towards one and another.

We are a student-centered school and we are here to create a loving and caring learning environment for students from all over the world.

Our programs are designed to support individual learning styles and provide students with a rewarding educational experience at Columbia Academy.

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Our Values


To have the courage to communicate, honestly communicate with and open heart, to willingly take suggestions and advice.


To stay positive and bring happiness to the people around ourselves.


To respect, care for, and help everyone to the best of abilities.


To be a well-developed person who chooses to do the right thing in their personal and professional lives.


To be responsible for ourselves,others and for society in both our work and personal life.


To develop a high emotional intelligence and recover from bad experiences quickly; to stay passionate and stay positive throughout our lives.